Saeed Abdollahi

 Iranian photographer and architect, born on 28th may, 1994.


Iranian Architect and Photographer. He started photography at the age of 20 using smart phone and experimental shooting.

Documentary, portrait and social photography in strange places and frames are notable attributes of his works.

Over the past few years, he has held three solo-exhibitions in minimalistic, documentary, photojournalistic and portrait forms. Then, with the aim of getting closer to a more personal artistic taste, he held two photography exhibitions over the last year, focusing on the reflecting the living conditions of the lower classes in the society. From his photography collections, we can enumerate Abandoned, Freedom, Zol, Loss and Entryhall.

The first one is formed in a minimalist abstract atmosphere, the second one is shot in a documentary setting, consisting of several different portraits of the traditional religious mourning ceremonies of "Ashura" in Iran. Azadi Documentary Collection is another documentary collection about the events that take place around the Azadi Square in Tehran among twenty-four hours.

Loss is a close look at the lives of children who do not live, the small workers of the brick kilns on the outskirts of Isfahan.

His recent exhibition, "Entryhall", was held in February 2019 with a focus on the daily lives of the residents in a Homeless care center in Isfahan, aimed to reflect as much aspects as possible from the daily lives of the homeless people.

Abdollahi has exhibited some of his works at the Portrait Group Exhibition, among the Isfahan Artists' Group Exhibition in Tbilisi, Georgia.

He has been awarded the "Blue FIAP Ribbon" from the World Federation of Photographic Art at the 2018 Prague Photography Art Festival in the Czech Republic and the 3rd prize in series section in 21ème FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL D'ART PHOTOGRAPHIQUE 16ème SALON ”TULLE” INTERNATIONAL  in France  by attending international photography festivals.

Abdollahi has also achieved more than 85 certificates of acceptances from the following festivals around the world:

‏Ab Awards 2017 | INDIA

‏Brooklyn 2017 | New York USA

‏Bristol Salon of Photography 2018 | United Kingdom

‏PhotoArt PRAGUE 2018 | Czech Republic

‏11th Holland International Image Circuit 2018 | Netherlands


‏PCA SALON 2018 | Serbia


‏Grantour delle colline 2018 | Italy

‏BALKAN FRAME 2018 | Serbia , Macedonia , Montenegro

‏Circular Exhibition of Photography MNE PBK CIRCUIT 2018 | Montenegro

‏3rd Pacific-Atlantic International Photographic Circuit 2018 |

‏Greek Artistic Photography - Greece

‏The Photographic Society of Singapore - Singapore

‏Atlantic Institute of Photography – USA

‏Island and sea 23rd international exhibition 2018 | Croatia

‏11TH SALON DAGUERRE 2018 | Paris – France

‏NYC Exhibition | Manhattan |New York | 2019


Cominios | Belgium - France 2020

TULLE |  France  2020

Saeed Abdollahi is a graduate of Architectural Engineering. Intertwines the art of photography art with the modern and traditional doctrines of the world around him, so that in his works one can clearly see this fertile and unbreakable combination of these two categories, exploring the horrific condition of today's human life.

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