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Iranian photographer and architect, born on 28th may, 1994.


Saeed abdollahi, Iranian photographer and architect, born on 28th may, 1994. He started his experimental photography career using smartphone camera in 2013. Taking portrait, documentary and unusual photos are of his professional characteristics. In a bief period he managed to hold 3 exhibitions of his works in minimalistic, and portrait photography genre.
"Freedom", "Abandoned" and "Gaze" are his photo exhibitions, in one of which we have an abstract minimal atmosphere and in the other documentary style consisting of several portraits demonstrating religious ceremonies from Ashura (a ceremony held by Muslims) can be seen.
Freedom or Azadi is a collection of documentary photos with a new perspective to the events of 24 hours in Azadi square, Tehran.
Saeed abdollahi who has been educated in architecture, mixes the experience of photography with traditional and modern knowledge of the world in a way that the viewer can clearly discover this inseparable strict union in all his artworks..

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