“Alienation” is about my experience as a stranger. This might be the first chapter of a much larger future project. After six months of living in Canada, I still feel like a stranger. I believe when it comes to being a stranger, we are not talking about a specific group of people (e.g., immigrants). Regardless of where you are from or where you were born, it’s all about the feelings, emotions, and experiences people have.

I created a timeline from the date which I started this journey as an international student and immigrant. In this timeline, I searched for metaphors, symbols, and other ways to represent my feelings in those memories as a Stranger. I set the scene and used digital lighting and myself as a metaphor of this living experience to represent my story of being alienated. The symbols and the emotions came from the timeline to make some questions for the audiences about my experience as an outsider.

“Alienation” is a visual experience which is trying to make a connection between different humans having similar experiences, regardless of the common experiences of the audience and the creator of the photographs.