They have returned from the grave, from the hall of death. They have continually experienced life in the depths of darkness. They have constantly rested on the ground, under the heavy roof of the sky. Many times the night’s sleep has been taken as a presage of death for them; they have called the bright morning another betrayal, they have continued. They burned the ticket and were forced and sentenced to watch. They have turned, they have trembled, and they have seen their souls that will disappear after another breath.
Today they are alive, they live, but they live motionless, they are full of words, but they are silent, they are full of shouts but they are quiet. They sing without opening their mouths.
They have dashed hope into the outside world. They have given up despair. In this neglected corner of the earth, they have settled away from the hustle and bustle. Struggling to forget, to be forgotten, struggling to rise from the unseen corner which is beyond the imagination. Getting up from the mound of the ashes, getting out of the conscience of each of us…
This collection is an individual and collective effort to review the collapsed flood that cannot be seen.